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Simple Step by Step plans on how to construct a machine which will produce pounds of Potassium Perchlorate & Chlorate for pennies!

This Chlorate making machine will only cost about 25 dollars to make and will produce  1-2 pounds every few days!
Potassium Perchlorate & Chlorate Cell Guide

   This Simple step by step guide to making Potassium Perchlorate makes it easy to make pounds of potassium perchlorate in your own home in no time at all! This method of making Potassium Perchlorate uses the electrochemical cell design which is actually very simple. This book is written so the average person can understand it because we know how difficult some of the other guides are to understand! We will provide any technical support that you need while constructing the actual chlorate cell. The cell can be made to produce pounds of Potassium Perchlorate every week. To actually make the machine it will cost about $25 and if you already have a power supply (most likely you have one laying around the house or can pick one up at a yard sale for a few bucks) it will bring the cost down to about 15 dollars to build the cell. All of the parts needed can be purchased from your local Wal-Mart. Most likely your local Wal-Mart will carry everything you need to make a simple Chlorate producing cell, but if you want to make a state of the art cell you might have to look around for a minute or two on the Internet. This thing will literally make potassium perchlorate while you are sleeping, wathcing tv, or doing any other activities! All you have to do is turn the cell on and it begins producing pure Potassium Chlorate. Once you have the Potassium chlorate we have a very simple solution to turn it into perchlorate. Included is a section on constructing your own DSA anodes! (which will save you $100's) This is a very long and detailed 13 page booklet with tons of real pictures on each step of making the cell,  competitors only have 6-7 page booklets with 1 or 2 pictures. This will show you how to make either Potassium chlorate or perchlorate, and it can easily be modified to make ammonium perchlorate and all other types of perchlorates!

Make Your Own Potassium (Per)Chlorate

Buy the plans now for only $5.75 USD!

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