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How to make charcoal quick, cheap and easy using our simple to construct charcoal machine!

This Charcoal making machine will only cost about 5 dollars to make and will quickly cook small batches of charcoal within 5-10 minutes!
Charcoal Machine Plans

    This easy to make and extremely affordable charcoal machine will quickly and simply cook  small batches of charcoal for use in black powder and many other pyrotechnic compositions in a few minutes. The entire machine will only cost a few dollars to make and you probably already have everything you need to make it in your own home! For the small size of this machine it can really output some charcoal and really inexpensively too! As long as you have a soft wood tree such as a pine or willow by your house you dont even need to buy any wood to use!

This guide is still under construction and will be available within the next month or so.

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