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Aluminum Powder Guide

    Aluminum powder is one of the most widely used fuels in the field of pyrotechnics. It has uses in nearly every pyrotechnic formula. It has also found itself as a major component of solid fuel composite rocket motors.

   This Simple step by step guide to making Aluminum Powder makes it easy even for beginners with no experience at all. This method of making Aluminum Powder is actually very simple. We will provide any technical support that you need while making the Aluminum Powder. Using this method you can controll the mesh of the Al powder you produce, you can make it relativly coarse, or very, very fine (for use in flash).

   You can produce an aluminum powder so fine with this method, that it will make the commercial German Dark look slow. Most likely you already have everything you need to make the Aluminum powder but if not you can pick up most, if not all the needed supplies to make the powder at a yard sale for no more than 5-10 bucks.  


  • VERY cost efficient; Its much cheaper to make your own powder than purchasing it! 
  • No Yearly limits on how much powder you can make.
  • You can resell it and make some money! (sometimes it sells for up to $29 a pound on the net; it only costs you about $3.75 to make a pound).
  • We provide all the technical support you need to make the Aluminum Powder.
  • You can make the powder much finer than any aluminum powder money can buy, great for use in flash powder.


Aluminum Powder Production Guide. Plans

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