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If you are just getting into pyrotechnics, the art of making fireworks, you will need some basic chemicals in order to make the beautiful aerial affects we call fireworks. If you are looking for info on how to make fireworks, you have come to the right place. Pyrotechnics can be somewhat confusing at times, but we will teach you the basics. If you have read over some of the basics, you will now know that Potassium Perchlorate is one of the most essiential chemicals you will need to begin making fireworks; below you can buy the guide to make potassium perchlorate safely in your own home.

Potassium (Per)Chlorate Home Production Cell Guide   Only $5.75!Potassium Chlorate, Perchlorate Cell Plans
   Make pounds of Potassium Perchlorate at home safely, and easily!  This Simple step by step guide to making potassium (Per)chlorate makes it very  simple for you to manufacture  pounds of potassium perchlorate or chlorate in a  few days in a larger version which are very easy to make, with a smaller scaled  down version you can make small amounts (about 50 grams of potassium  chlorate per batch). The machine used to make this will typically cost about  $25-$35 to build and most if not all parts are available at your local wal-mart.
Aluminum Powder Home Production Guide Only $5.73!
Guide To Making Dark Aluminum Powder    This is a very easy to follow guide that will teach you how to produce dark, flake aluminum powder at home! The aluminum powder that this guide produces will even put German Dark to shame. Since the CPSC is taking away your right to purchase aluminum powder to 1-2 pounds a year; why not make your own that is even better with no yearly limits! Also this guide is extremely efficient: it requires a minimum of tooling and it will only cost about $2-4 to produce a pound of very dark and very powerful aluminum powder!
Nitrocellulose Home production Guide Only $4.72!
Guide To Making Nitrocellulose at Home!   This very easy to follow guide will teach you how to Synthesize your own nitrocellulose at home! It is also known as flash cotton, smokeless powder, flash paper and many other names. It is very simple to make and it will only cost about $10 to make about 3/4 pound of it! It burns instantly in a bright reddish, orange flash with no residue at all! You can even use it as a substitute for lift powder! Also great for magic tricks and impressing your friends!
Ball Mill Plans
These plans will teach you how to construct a ball mill from parts easily available to anyone; all parts can be found at your local hardware store such as Home Depot, or Lowes. Ball Mills are one of the most important tools in the world of pyrotechnics and you will be lost without one. This is a very low cost way of building a ball mill that is a very effective way grind almost any chemicals into a very fine mesh, also includes plans to make lead grinding media from parts easily available to anyone.
Composition Book
A book full of hundreds of pyrotechnic compositions such as rocket propellants, 9 different types of flash powder, smoke compositions, sparklers, stars, fountains, whistle mixes. This ebook contains not only the actual compositions but directions on how to mix them whether it is by ball milling, mortar and pestle, or many other mixing techniques. You will learn how to make many different pyrotechnic compositions which can then be used in making homemade fireworks. this ebook is great for all pyrotechnics whether you are a beginner or a well experienced professional

. Charcoal Machine Plans
Simple and cheap to construct from materials that are already in your own home. This very small machine makes somewhat small but extremely reliable batches of charcoal that are perfect for making black powder or many other pyrotechnic compositions.  you can construct your own at home for less than five dollars!

. Complete eBook Set - $49.99 USD
All of Our eBooks loaded into one huge package. this included plans on how to build a ball mill, pyrotechnic compositions, fuses, electrical ignites, roman candles, 100's of compositions, rockets, tubes, ball mills, and the list goes on! This ebook contains the plans on how to build a ball mill and also the composition book both of which are absolute necessities in the world of pyrotechnics. This ebook will also teach you how to make black powder without the use of a ball mill.

Disclaimer :   By purchasing or using information from our site, you agree to not hold us responsible for any misuse of products we sell or information we give, or any personal or property damage caused by these products or information.  In other words, if you want to be irresponsible with use of our information/products, you are on your own! We will NOT be held responsible for any stupidity, carelessness, or other disregard for personal safety and caution when using our products or information sold/found within this web site.  Any type of Pyrotechnic device is dangerous if not used correctly and with caution.  If you need any particular type of instruction on how to use any of our products or information, contact us with a specific question, and we will do our best to walk you through the steps safely, so that you may enjoy our services to the fullest!

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